a kid at hogwarts who just wants to get a proper education but can’t focus because of all of the shit harry potter and his friends keep getting themselves into

Jenna B. Lacey, age eleven, knew exactly what she was going to do with her life.

She was going to go to Hogwarts, get top grades, and be the youngest female Minister of Magic by age 35.

It would have been a good plan, if she hadn’t been in the same year as Harry Potter.

*   *   *   

Year one started out great. She was sorted into Hufflepuff, did well in all her classes, and aced the exams.

A troll smashed its way through the study room she was in on Halloween, but that wasn’t going to deter her. 

*   *   *   

Year two was a disaster. People were getting petrified, and worse—the teachers had to herd them from place to place, which severely cut down on her library time. She had to study in the common room, which meant instead of a nice, quiet atmosphere, she got a soundtrack of nervous Hufflepuffs.

And on top of that, exams were cancelled. It was a disaster.

*   *   *   

Third year, she started to notice a trend.

First the troll, than the petrifications, and now dementor guards and escaped convicts. What did they all have in common? Potter.

After Black broke in and everyone had to spend the night in the Great Hall, interrupting Jenna’s last minute studying for a test the next day, she took to giving Potter angry looks in every class.

He did not notice.

*   *   *   

They announced the Triwizard tournament at dinner the first night of fourth year, and Jenna almost started crying.

Potter was going to take this one over. She just knew it.

And she was right.

Voldemort rose at the end of the year. She honestly didn’t know what she had expected.

*   *   *    

Fifth year brought Umbridge. She joined the DA because she was going to need a better background in defense, but that didn’t mean she was any happier about Potter.

She imagined it was him she was hexing instead of Zachariah Smith.

But, by the end of the year, focus on her studies was impossible. After Dumbledore left, it was complete anarchy.

Potter’s fault. Of course.

*   *   *   

Sixth year she started volunteering in the hospital wing. She needed a backup plan in case Potter fucked it up.

All seemed quiet, until they brought Malfoy in. It was apparently Potter’s fault, which surprised everyone except Jenna.

Later, she was peacefully studying in a little nook on the third floor when some Death Eaters and some other adults started dueling right under her nose.

This was the worst fucking school, honestly.

*   *   *   

They were calling it “The Final Battle.”

Jenna ran through the hall, dodging in and out of the children evacuating, until she saw him. 


He turned, startled. “Um—Jenna, right? We’re sort of busy—”

She grabbed the front of his shirt and hauled him up until he was eye level with her. “If I’m not Minister of Magic by age 35, it is going to be entirely your fault and I’m going to hurt you.”

She dropped him and stormed away, leaving him to whatever he was doing. She had to fight this goddamn war so she could go back to her fucking studying.

*   *   *   

She became Minister of Magic at age 36.

Fucking Potter.

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That’s so cute I want to cry

Think big, tiny dreamer.

you can do it.




That’s so cute I want to cry

Think big, tiny dreamer.

you can do it.

There’s something about that idea of ownership over your body that I feel is quite resonant to women. It’s so interesting that it’s in the context of clones, but it’s all women dealing with this idea of, “Do I own my body? Is my body mine? Who am I if I don’t own my body? Who am I if somebody else has decided all this stuff?”   - Tatiana Maslany (x)


A.I.M agents are expected to maintain a professional distance between the Avengers and themselves, unless actively attempting to destroy them.

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Fact: Toothless is the cutest thing ever, don’t deny it. 






But can you feel the budding friendship  。◕ ‿ ◕。 

Do you think it’s going to be their brofist @⌒ー⌒@

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And as this goes on, recovered!Bucky loves it more and more, he thinks this is the best thing EVER, THIS IS SO FUNNY; he’s a friggin’ superhuman and it’s not a big deal to get kicked in the face, and after being conditioned to enact violence on a regular basis he still retains a healthy appreciation for roughhousing.  And meanwhile Sam starts getting more and more frustrated, just for once he’d like to be able to go somewhere without Bucky gamboling earnestly out of some bushes with his face lit up like a loving St. Bernard and sending him flying into lake water with a well-placed kick, Sam likes to bring his ipod jogging sometimes dammit, it was funny the first couple times but……WELLLLLL…. so eventually they talk about it and it stops being a spontaneous thing.  But when Sam and Steve and Bucky go paintballing, all bets are off again, and the look of recognition and betrayal on Sam’s face as he falls into the lake is just as friendly as the look of horror on Bucky’s face when Sam suddenly and unexpectedly swoops down out of a pine tree, dripping wet and hungry for revenge.

All of this forever, please.